We are glad to introduce you a new media format VR AUDIO BOOK! It be come possible with bright idea of André Pan – the writer of “VREALITY GAME” novel. Now, can you imagine haw exciting is to dive into the world of your favorite book just like that! Before, we use to have a slight opportunity to do that by classical 2D Illustrations. Nowadays it could be done by VR plus audio. Awesome, Isn’t!?

360˙ Illustration design by Stefano Trsai
Narrator – Daniil Krylov (RUSSIAN LANGUAGE)
Video, special effects and sound by VRKYIV

This 360 Video is a first chapter of “VREALITY GAME” novel. In deed, it is a huge project and a lot of work need to be done before the VR AUDIO BOOK would be accomplished. Just imagine that only audio track is about 9 hours of professional narrating, as well as just one 360 Illustration needs around 10 days of design and postproduction. Then, almost the same time required to make video with sound and special effects.
We are welcoming everybody to support our channel on YOUTUBE that would help us to make this project alive.
Turn resolution to max and enjoy VR Audio Book!

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During the year there are so many memorable days that each has its own explanations and rituals. We just ignore some of these days but some of them we are happy to have in our calendar. Fortunately, the Valentine’s Day is among of well-known Western celebrations that have been adopted by Ukrainian people, particularly young generation.
Most probably, if someone asks any simple description of Valentine’s story it would be hard to hear at least a few sentences about it. Therefore, most of the people will say that it is just celebration of true love and human hope. And it’s true, it’s beautiful, we should love it! (hey Donald☺).

Meanwhile, there are some feasts in Ukrainian culture that has similar meaning but quite different attributes and timing. Like Jarilo, or feast of the Red Mountain. Frankly speaking, it is a bit strange to have this celebration in the middle of the winter. But following modern trends Ukrainians keep decorate shops, cafes, bars and restaurants by red hearts and use this occasion to speculate in sales and marketing.
Using such a great occasion VR Kyiv would like to show you some real Kyiv’s places that perfectly match to this feast and it is just in the center of the city. Let us guide you!
At the beginning let’s VR visit the Love Bridge, located in Parkova alley near to Mariinsky palace and Dynamo stadium.

It is very symbolical place for lovers who often come here to make some specific rituals that should proof their deep feelings. It can be just tender words, or tied stripes, or closed padlock. We know even some secret ritual that demands from lovers to run over the bridge holding their breath from one side of the bridge to another. Then, they can be sure that their love now well protected after this exercise being accomplished. So, now you shouldn’t be surprise if you see someone running over the bridge. They are not going to be Olympic champs but just by this way are trying to confirm their mutual love. And in Valentine’s Day it should happen quite often.

Just beside of the bridge is located a monument “the Love Story” dedicated to Luigi and Mokrinja, two real persons who met in 1943 during Second World War in terrible war-prisoner camp.

Luigi was an Italian imprisoned soldier and Mokrinja was a civilian prisoner taken by force out of her country, Ukraine. They spent together only 2 years before as the ruthless War separated them. And only in 2004 the two hearts re-joined.

Another iconic place in Kyiv, where during Valentine’s Day easy to see lovers, it is monument to Pronia Prokopovna and Svirid Golokhvastov, characters of the cinema version of Mikhail Staritskiy Play “After Two Hares”. It is located just uphill from Andriyvs’ka Church on Desyatynna Street (just the beginning of Andriyvsky Uzviz). With our VR vision you could easy get the direction.

Tourists and Kyiv’s brides particularly love to make pictures in front of this monument. The comic story of “After Two Hares” is far from ideal love story but it’s very Kyiv’s story with a lot of humor and Ukrainian culture. Therefore, some symbolism impregnated even in this monument. Who knows, may be by touching it the lovers should lose their bad habits or bad luck.

That were our Kyiv’s love stories. VR Kyiv wish you a pleasant Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness!

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The human passion for creation drives people from beginning of the Time until now. While inventing something new we are able to bring an art and beauty to this new world full of technology. Fortunately VR Era gives endless opportunities for modern designers, artists, and painters. And trickiest things here are that to see all these newest art pieces just impossible by usual way. Spectators must dive in-to new Virtual Reality world.
Kyiv’s artists seriously conceder this new format as potential sphere of self-fulfillment.
And although winter froze the streets, there is still chance to see them from more colorful perspective using VR Art, just like VR Kyiv does.

This icy Friday, as a first ever try more than 150 young people where trying to adjust VR technology for art and design in art-space Plivka in Kyiv.
By the words of one of the organizer Sergei Tereshchenko, Executive producer at Chornobyl360, it was a new way of artistic expression.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 15.59.39

While most of users and costumers are expecting some more progress in VR technology, the artists are developing their skills and ideas for producing the art pieces that should fill the VR format without losing of quality and artistic value. In fact here we deal with something unknown. It is a creasy mix of painting art, sculpturing, and 3D design. It is a totally new stuff.
Let’s follow what new will appear after such fruitful meetings and collaborations.

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The excursions in Kyiv. VR Review.

While visiting of any new city the curious travelers would love to have as much memorable moments as it possible. Probably, in each destination there is something special that shouldn’t be missed. The only challenges here for voyagers are to be correctly guided, and better to get all necessary information even before the luggage is ready.

It is not only the matter of grasping some nice photos of Nature or cities and saving some money, but also preserving the most valuable thing while traveling abroad – the time.
VR Technology with 360 panoramic photos gives you a perfect chance to review your visiting points and set your priorities.

This is what we call VRVacation, when you start your trip at home or office dreaming about places you watched in VR first.
So we listed some of the most demanded excursions in Kyiv (Kiev) with 360˚ vision that you could start your journey to Kyiv with the vision.

1. Chernobyl.

It looks strange but one of the biggest nuclear catastrophes of the past 20-century now turned into an international tourist destination. The abundant city of Soviet Union style symbolize an entire era of communist regime that gone remaining unpleasant souvenirs in the ghost town.
The standard program for Chernobyl excursion includes a full day trip with local guide while extended program of the visit includes teaching skills of radiation survival, compulsory insurance, route map and personal certificate about visit to the Chornobyl zone.
As you could understand this excursion is unique and available only in Kyiv. Even National Geographic advises to try it!

2. The Kiev Rus Park.

If you like traveling to the past then don’t miss  “The Kievan Rus Park”  as it is one of the most demanded historical experiences for the guests of the city. It is a perfect reconstruction of one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval city of the Eastern Europe – Ancient Kiev of the V-XIII centuries, the capital of the greatest country – Kievan Rus.
We strongly recommend to have this excursion in the plan!

3. Mezhehyria.
So many ridiculous things has happened in Eastern Europe after Soviet Union collapse. Mezhehitya is one of the extreme examples of society destruction and human greediness. It was a residence of ex-president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich who escaped to Russia after the 2014 Revolution. The complex is made in top luxury style with huge landscape that even not often seen in old European royal heritage. And please notice that this existed in the time when Ukrainians struggle with profound corruption system and lowest level of life in the World.
It is guaranteed pleasant excursion even without all past historical value, as the fresh air and beautiful landscape will remain in the memory for long.
4. Lavra.
If you are interested in history and particularly some mystic, then Kiev Peshersk Lavra must be in your excursion plan. The monastery complex is one of the most visited locations for tourists. You can make it by yourself just reach it by city transport or with a group, ordering excursion with the office. It is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and protected on International level.

5. City Tour.

Yeap, there are many excursion offices provide with bus City tour and it is a great idea to have quick overview of the city. Or if the weather allows, try to make a short walking city tour in the center of Kyiv. It is lovely at summertime. We advice also to see our VR Tour before you take to the ride.

6. Museum of the Second World War.

Ukraine played a dramatic and important role in a combat against Nazi German in 1941-1945 of the last century. So many scary scarfs remain on the Ukrainian soil after that War and many of souvenirs can be observed in the open-air Museum. This excursion is strongly recommended for the military equipment fans.

We hope this excursion plan could help to save your time and would enrich your Kyiv’s experience.

We do our best to advice the best and if you are interested to order any of the mentioned excursions please feel free to contact us .

Kyiv, Ukraine

tel.: +380 95 517 06 06


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Smoking kills! That’s what everybody knows for sure from healthy lifestyle slogans.

But shall we do it with a fashion? As far as the scary statement didn’t stop people from this harmful habit, the tobacco sellers keep getting their greens using each times more sophisticated ways. Even cultural specialties are good for marketing smoking.

The hookah, shisha, nargilhe, Ukrainians call it kalian have become common words for Kyiv’s folks since the fashion of smoking turned into the oriental style.

While governmental bodies have adopted the restricted law against smoking inside the public places it does not mean that you couldn’t observe the smog through the windows of cafés, bars or restaurants in Kiev. Most of these places have shisha corner where people can smoke American or Turkish flavored tobacco, running smog in pipes through the decorated water-vases of fancy designs.

Goza Smoke Bar

Although hookah is not new for Ukraine, this oriental gimmick has become fashionable trend for the last couple of years.

As usual it happens in Kyiv bartenders and shisha-tenders have developed its own unique style for each places convincing their guest to test the hookah with milk, lemon water, and even with alcoholic ingredient instead of water. They act with authority explaining all advantages and disadvantages of endless types of tobacco, pipes and bulb fabrics.


Then, after having this experience in Kyiv, anyone would have quite extensive knowledge about hookah traditions and way of smoking in oriental style.

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The top 5 restaurants in Kyiv. VR Tour.

As 2016th is going to say bye-bye soon leaving us with some good and bad memories we have decided to make summary of the year to help our guests with further decisions where to go and what to do in Kyiv in 2017.

The are so many restaurants in Kyiv and dinning places that make any selection almost impossible. But VR Kyiv has its vision and wants to share it virtually with our lovely visitors. Take this short VR Tour of Kyiv’s restaurants and make your preference.

So here we are with our top 5 restaurants in Kyiv. Our evaluation is more dedicated to facilitate tourists and travelers choice and includes 5 evaluation categories: unique concept (UC), quality (FQ), service (S), location (S), prices (P):

5. Kanapa. It is not rare to find a traditional Ukrainian restaurant in Kyiv. But Kanapa has managed to be special. First of all it is located in a legendary part of the town – Andriyivskyy Descent, in the wooden building of the nineteenth century. As the location requires the restaurant – salon concept is supported by Ukrainian avant-garde performances. That makes visit quite interesting and memorable. The food quality and polite service even more convince us to put this restaurant into our top 5 restaurants of Kyiv.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: **** L: ***** P: ***** 4,6

  1. The Terrace lounge. Located inside Indigo ambitious project this place united the best trends in gastronomy by developing special concept of mixing lounge music with its own cuisine. Gastrosound nights are unique events that regularly gather the people who love to make lazy body waves while listening lounge music and eat The Terrace original dishes made by high-pro chefs.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: ***** L: **** P: ***** 4,6

3. Kuvshyn. If you still didn’t test Caucasian cuisine, then Kuvshyn restaurant is the right place to do it. We promise that you will remember this experience for long, as the restaurant chefs are magicians in cooking of Georgian and Armenian specialties. The restaurant is proud of its largest Georgian wine collection in Kiev and often hosts wine festivals to let every guest to get insights of the great Georgian wine culture. On our mind in Kuvshyn you could find a perfect combination of price/service and food quality so it is definitely restaurant that deserves to be in top 5 of our choice.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: ***** L: **** P: ***** 4,6

2. Whisky Corner. Located just in a few steps from Kyiv’s main square Maidan it is one of the truly unique places blended with passion and style. The collection of more than 760 types of whisky is quite impressive achievement for Ukrainian restaurant owned by Ukrainian businessman. But not only selected alcohol is strong part of the restaurant. This place hosts its guests with wide spectrum of dishes made with Scottish and British characters.

Although, the menu prices look quite affordable, we advice to be careful with your visit budgeting as selected whisky melted with excellent food could be converted into impressive cash bill in the end.

UC: ***** FQ: ***** S: **** L: *****P: **** 4,6

1. Guramma. This venue is a successful combination of modern Asian gastronomy, luxury interior and an amazing atmosphere that combines snobbish style and ambitious design. This is the right mix that could satisfy even the most capricious visitors. The cuisine is unique and spectacular with gastronomic specialty called “Nikkei” – that is an amazing mixture of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, which originated among the Japanese immigrants in Peru. The main accent in the cuisine “Nikkei” are various South American sauces, peppers and spices, which are used in the preparation of the classic Japanese and pan-Asian food – raw fish, seafood, rice, seaweed and other delicious things.

With opening of Guramma Kyiv city joined the latest international trends in contemporary restaurant industry.

UC: ***** FQ: *****S: *****L: **** P: ***** 4,8

Please feel free to share with us your opinion and advices about favorite dinning places in Kyiv. You can support mentioned restaurants by visiting the links and make rating or comment in their profiles or leave your comments just below this article.

Marry Christmas and Happy New year! Let’s 2017 will be full of gastoMagic!

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It is time for Christmas magic and amused celebrations. We tenderly love this season since childhood for many reasons. Gifts, love of parents, friends gathering and so many other things are related to this wonderful time.
Kyiv keeps tradition to celebrate Christmas time with folks united for Christmas tree lightening. City is ready to welcome its guests from Ukraine and from abroad with many decorated squares, buildings, shopping festivals and events-rich schedule.
This year celebration of St.Mykolay Day occurred on Sofiyvska and Mykhailivska squares where First Lady Kateryna Poroshenko and Kyiv’s major Vitalyi Klitchko sent season’s greetings to Ukrainian people during Christmas tree lightening.

People could enjoy traditional souvenirs and food sales organized just open air. Warm mulled wine mixed with different flavors (glentwine), sausages, toys and different installed attractions where on a high demand on December 19, 2016.
It was remarkable that so many Hi-tech devices where spotted during event: Go-pro for 360 video, air-drones, Samsung Gear 360 VR. It means that Ukrainians have passion for everything new and ready for adopting technological challenges.
VR Kyiv gets its short reportage in 360˚ video and photos just to retranslate the general atmosphere of festival and celebration.

Welcome to Kyiv! Have a wonderful Christmas time!

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This is what we call the art! Ukrainian singer Kishe released a new song “До весни” (Until the springtime).

This music product is already broke many records as the most multi location video-clip in Ukrainian showbiz history. 22 locations!
It is dynamic and at the same time full of dramaturgy song about love and inspiration, down and up in profound soul of lovers who cherishing their feelings waiting the springtime.
The picture from the production process (4 a.m.! 360˚ backstage).

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Enjoy VR tour of lovely Kyiv (Kiev).

You can see it via VR feed mode using VR Set (box, 3D glasses), or just browse it on computer, laptop or smartphone. It is near to vr game when you observe like in real life the Kyiv’s streets.

VR Tour is the best guide as it shows you different Kiev’s places in 360˚ dimension. Clear pictures and selected locations make this virtual city tour unforgettable.

So far there are 26 panoramic photos of Kyiv (Kiev), but it could be more… If you support us!

Join our initiative to promote Ukrainian capital via VR technology by suggesting any interesting information for the labels included in the panoramas or sending your stories for our blog page in English, or even better send us your 360˚ panoramic photos of Kyiv (guidebook@vrkyiv.com) and we will select and publish the best from them mentioning of creator’s name.

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Ivan Dorn (Иван Дорн) is going to Jazz’n funk Kyiv this Saturday December 17, at International Expo Center of Ukraine.
Ukrainian super star Ivan Dorn is an artist of new generation who is far from fear to be extraordinary in style and sounding. Most of his loyal fans adore him for his crazy performances and fresh live music.
Just like in this 360˚ video recently recorded in one of his shows.

Ivan Dorn always develops his performance trying to not be frozen with couple of super hits he has done before. It is not easy now to hear on his shows “Lova-Lova” and “Stytseman” the songs that label him as a superstar. Instead, Ivan prefers to surprise his fans with new records in Jazzy Funky style.
For sure, Dorn performance electrifies the crowd from very beginning that push folks to dance and jump whole show long. Ivan Dorn never concider himself as a good singer instead prefers to call himself as a good dancer.
Take a chance to see it this Saturday!

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