We are glad to introduce you a new media format VR AUDIO BOOK! It be come possible with bright idea of André Pan – the writer of “VREALITY GAME” novel. Now, can you imagine haw exciting is to dive into the world of your favorite book just like that! Before, we use to have a slight opportunity to do that by classical 2D Illustrations. Nowadays it could be done by VR plus audio. Awesome, Isn’t!?

360˙ Illustration design by Stefano Trsai
Narrator – Daniil Krylov (RUSSIAN LANGUAGE)
Video, special effects and sound by VRKYIV

This 360 Video is a first chapter of “VREALITY GAME” novel. In deed, it is a huge project and a lot of work need to be done before the VR AUDIO BOOK would be accomplished. Just imagine that only audio track is about 9 hours of professional narrating, as well as just one 360 Illustration needs around 10 days of design and postproduction. Then, almost the same time required to make video with sound and special effects.
We are welcoming everybody to support our channel on YOUTUBE that would help us to make this project alive.
Turn resolution to max and enjoy VR Audio Book!

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