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Ivan Dorn gonna Juzz’n Funk the House

Ivan Dorn (Иван Дорн) is going to Jazz’n funk Kyiv this Saturday December 17, at International Expo Center of Ukraine.
Ukrainian super star Ivan Dorn is an artist of new generation who is far from fear to be extraordinary in style and sounding. Most of his loyal fans adore him for his crazy performances and fresh live music.
Just like in this 360˚ video recently recorded in one of his shows.

Ivan Dorn always develops his performance trying to not be frozen with couple of super hits he has done before. It is not easy now to hear on his shows “Lova-Lova” and “Stytseman” the songs that label him as a superstar. Instead, Ivan prefers to surprise his fans with new records in Jazzy Funky style.
For sure, Dorn performance electrifies the crowd from very beginning that push folks to dance and jump whole show long. Ivan Dorn never concider himself as a good singer instead prefers to call himself as a good dancer.
Take a chance to see it this Saturday!

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