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Oriental fashion fumes the City

Smoking kills! That’s what everybody knows for sure from healthy lifestyle slogans.

But shall we do it with a fashion? As far as the scary statement didn’t stop people from this harmful habit, the tobacco sellers keep getting their greens using each times more sophisticated ways. Even cultural specialties are good for marketing smoking.

The hookah, shisha, nargilhe, Ukrainians call it kalian have become common words for Kyiv’s folks since the fashion of smoking turned into the oriental style.

While governmental bodies have adopted the restricted law against smoking inside the public places it does not mean that you couldn’t observe the smog through the windows of cafés, bars or restaurants in Kiev. Most of these places have shisha corner where people can smoke American or Turkish flavored tobacco, running smog in pipes through the decorated water-vases of fancy designs.

Goza Smoke Bar

Although hookah is not new for Ukraine, this oriental gimmick has become fashionable trend for the last couple of years.

As usual it happens in Kyiv bartenders and shisha-tenders have developed its own unique style for each places convincing their guest to test the hookah with milk, lemon water, and even with alcoholic ingredient instead of water. They act with authority explaining all advantages and disadvantages of endless types of tobacco, pipes and bulb fabrics.


Then, after having this experience in Kyiv, anyone would have quite extensive knowledge about hookah traditions and way of smoking in oriental style.

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