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Kyiv, Ukraine
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Kyiv city is famous for its hospitality and friendly people. Guests visited once willing to come back with nearest occasion. Kyiv as any big city combines quite atmosphere of old streets with energized tempo of large avenues, and that creates an unforgettable memory mix.

The Kyiv’s image album can’t be completed without Andriyivskyy Descent one of the most famous and beautiful streets of the city. From ancient times it connected the Upper Town (Old Kyiv) and Lower Town (Podyl).

The tourists enjoy exciting walk up or down of the street observing souvenirs exposed open air or in shops, usually made by craftsmen. It is easy to be trapped in one of the antique shops by deft dealer who always has some “unique” item in his back yard.

Here you can observe the “Castle of Richard the Lionheart” one of the most mystical buildings in the City. Build in 1904 on base of stolen drawing this castle was witness of many strange stories like fire, vampires, and scary sounds. It unlucky remains empty till present days.

Like a cherry on the top there is a beautiful St. Andrew’s Church on the hill, designed by architect Bartalameo Rastrelli.

However, the most interesting legends of Andriyivskyy Descent are the people who lived here in different times. Among them is an outstanding writer Mikhail Bulgakov. His museum is located in the house number 13. Also, in the descent functions very unique One Street Museum, so it is interesting to visit it to know more about the street and city.

Now lets back to the name history of Andriyivskyy Descent. The name of this street received grace to the Holy Andrew. The legend says that once on the site of the Dnieper River was the sea, but when Saint Andrew erected a cross on the hilltop, the water gone. And now at this point located St. Andrew’s Church – the most important and beautiful decoration of the streets.

These days, Andriyivskyy Descent allocates impressive number of museums, galleries, antique and gift shops, art workshops. Descent is one of the favorite places for recreation and walks for Kyiv’s folk and guests of the capital. It is here that tourists from all over the world can always buy Ukrainian souvenirs – figurines, painted pottery, embroidery.

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