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Ivana Kudri St, 37, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Phone 2
national food, Ukrainian food, Wine
Air Condition
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Ukrainian Cuisine with original style.

Bread-and-salt welcome!We welcome you in the new restaurant of the Ukrainian kitchen “Bread-and-salt “!From the old times bread was the world ambassador, symbol of life and holiness. Despite of a huge variety of dishes, bread till now is “to all Head” and is invariable attribute of each feast. Will you remember even one ceremony which in Ukraine would do without bread and salt? Foremost, “bread- salt” ceremony symbolizes hospitableness. We meet an important guest with bread and salt, bread expresses the wish of riches and prosperity, and salt is an amulet, able to protect a man from wicked forces. Bread passes through all people’s life: we meet new-born child with bread, took it with itself, leaving to be asked in marriage, parents blessed children marriage with bread we meet with bread our children after their marriage. And how many signs exist, related to bread, – all not to count! If you are an adherent of your ancestors’ traditions or simply the fan of tasty eating – welcome in our restaurant!An interior is executed in traditional Ukrainian style. A natural tree, dreamy landscapes on walls, original plafonds, and many authentic things create a surprisingly comfortable, domestic atmosphere. “Bread-and-salt “is an ideal place for holding different banquets, stand-up meals, domestic holidays, corporate activities. We want to turn your attention that all dishes prepared in our restaurant, are made from environmentally clean foods which are grown on an own farm. You can be sure that everyvarenyk, which has jumped in to your mouth is a first-rate quality sign!We hope that in our restaurant you will be inspired by the spirit of folk traditions and, certainly, will taste many delicious dishes.

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The rebuilt structure on the corner of Volodymyr street and Yaroslaviv Val Street (Yaroslav's Moat) contains a branch of the National Sanctuary "Sophia of Kyiv" museum. The name Zoloti Vorota...

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