During the year there are so many memorable days that each has its own explanations and rituals. We just ignore some of these days but some of them we are happy to have in our calendar. Fortunately, the Valentine’s Day is among of well-known Western celebrations that have been adopted by Ukrainian people, particularly young […]

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Mykhailivs’ka Square is located in the heard of Kyiv on the top of the Hill. Many remarkable buildings such as Ministry of foreign affairs, Diplomatic Academy, Intercontinental Hotel, and Appeal Court enframe this area. For sure they are important buildings functionally and architecturally wise but main attractions of the place are St.Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery and […]

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Kyiv city is famous for its hospitality and friendly people. Guests visited once willing to come back with nearest occasion. Kyiv as any big city combines quite atmosphere of old streets with energized tempo of large avenues, and that creates an unforgettable memory mix. The Kyiv’s image album can’t be completed without Andriyivskyy Descent one of the […]

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