The excursions in Kyiv. VR Review. While visiting of any new city the curious travelers would love to have as much memorable moments as it possible. Probably, in each destination there is something special that shouldn’t be missed. The only challenges here for voyagers are to be correctly guided, and better to get all necessary […]

Kyiv city is famous for its hospitality and friendly people. Guests visited once willing to come back with nearest occasion. Kyiv as any big city combines quite atmosphere of old streets with energized tempo of large avenues, and that creates an unforgettable memory mix. The Kyiv’s image album can’t be completed without Andriyivskyy Descent one of the […]

The Top 10 things to do in Kyiv. Kyiv is a City with endless things to do if you have the time and curiosity. Most travelers don’t know where to start and would prefer to discover those “not to be missed” places on the Top Ten List, here we give you a 100% native Kyiv’s […]