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The excursions in Kyiv. VR Review.

The excursions in Kyiv. VR Review.

While visiting of any new city the curious travelers would love to have as much memorable moments as it possible. Probably, in each destination there is something special that shouldn’t be missed. The only challenges here for voyagers are to be correctly guided, and better to get all necessary information even before the luggage is ready.

It is not only the matter of grasping some nice photos of Nature or cities and saving some money, but also preserving the most valuable thing while traveling abroad – the time.
VR Technology with 360 panoramic photos gives you a perfect chance to review your visiting points and set your priorities.

This is what we call VRVacation, when you start your trip at home or office dreaming about places you watched in VR first.
So we listed some of the most demanded excursions in Kyiv (Kiev) with 360˚ vision that you could start your journey to Kyiv with the vision.

1. Chernobyl.

It looks strange but one of the biggest nuclear catastrophes of the past 20-century now turned into an international tourist destination. The abundant city of Soviet Union style symbolize an entire era of communist regime that gone remaining unpleasant souvenirs in the ghost town.
The standard program for Chernobyl excursion includes a full day trip with local guide while extended program of the visit includes teaching skills of radiation survival, compulsory insurance, route map and personal certificate about visit to the Chornobyl zone.
As you could understand this excursion is unique and available only in Kyiv. Even National Geographic advises to try it!

2. The Kiev Rus Park.

If you like traveling to the past then don’t miss  “The Kievan Rus Park”  as it is one of the most demanded historical experiences for the guests of the city. It is a perfect reconstruction of one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval city of the Eastern Europe – Ancient Kiev of the V-XIII centuries, the capital of the greatest country – Kievan Rus.
We strongly recommend to have this excursion in the plan!

3. Mezhehyria.
So many ridiculous things has happened in Eastern Europe after Soviet Union collapse. Mezhehitya is one of the extreme examples of society destruction and human greediness. It was a residence of ex-president of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich who escaped to Russia after the 2014 Revolution. The complex is made in top luxury style with huge landscape that even not often seen in old European royal heritage. And please notice that this existed in the time when Ukrainians struggle with profound corruption system and lowest level of life in the World.
It is guaranteed pleasant excursion even without all past historical value, as the fresh air and beautiful landscape will remain in the memory for long.
4. Lavra.
If you are interested in history and particularly some mystic, then Kiev Peshersk Lavra must be in your excursion plan. The monastery complex is one of the most visited locations for tourists. You can make it by yourself just reach it by city transport or with a group, ordering excursion with the office. It is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and protected on International level.

5. City Tour.

Yeap, there are many excursion offices provide with bus City tour and it is a great idea to have quick overview of the city. Or if the weather allows, try to make a short walking city tour in the center of Kyiv. It is lovely at summertime. We advice also to see our VR Tour before you take to the ride.

6. Museum of the Second World War.

Ukraine played a dramatic and important role in a combat against Nazi German in 1941-1945 of the last century. So many scary scarfs remain on the Ukrainian soil after that War and many of souvenirs can be observed in the open-air Museum. This excursion is strongly recommended for the military equipment fans.

We hope this excursion plan could help to save your time and would enrich your Kyiv’s experience.

We do our best to advice the best and if you are interested to order any of the mentioned excursions please feel free to contact us .

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