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The Top 10 things to DO in Kyiv

The Top 10 things to do in Kyiv.

Kyiv is a City with endless things to do if you have the time and curiosity. Most travelers don’t know where to start and would prefer to discover those “not to be missed” places on the Top Ten List, here we give you a 100% native Kyiv’s top original tips.

1. The main street Khreschatik is the perfect place to start discovering the City. It is the real soul of Kyiv with many areas of interest and importance located along it. The street crosses the Maidan square – the pulse of the country were in recent history some crucial events occurred such as the Orange Revolution of 2004th and Dignity Revolution of 2014th. Many quaint shops, cafes, restaurants and bars are located on or very near to this iconic street. On Saturday and Sunday the main roadway of Khreschatik Street is closed to vehicles and only pedestrians are allowed to enjoy the casual wide open walking spaces. Usually weekends here are alive and busy with different activities and events organized by local shop owners, professionals and street artists, you will not be bored, even if just passing by.

2. Gastronomical Delights; Restaurant’s businesses are thriving and developing into top class establishments in Kyiv since the Euro 2012 event, giving birth to many newly opened cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and fast food offerings, welcoming their guests with endless types of cuisine. Over the last 5 years the art of cooking has become a main trend for Kyiv’s Beau Monde and even well-travelled tourists are usually surprised at the high quality of food and affordable prices.

3. From dusk till dawn Kyiv City offers romance, dalliance, entertainment and excitement. Whatever your preference you would find it! The choices are wide from many nightclubs with fancy people, art-cafés with thematic parties, karaoke bars with star quality singing, a little bit of risqué gentlemen’s clubs and many other offerings, ready and waiting to serve until the last guest leaves.

4. For adrenaline junkies there are extreme options in Kyiv. Kyiv’s aero-club is the best to go for parachuting, while in Hydropark Island you could test your courage with bungee jumping. For those who prefer less extreme experience but more emotional we suggest to try Tarzanka – a rocker rope – over Dnipro River.

5. Kyiv has earned the right to be called a greenest City in Europe. With it’s widely developed green zones, parks and forested boulevards it is a pleasure to walk around and breath fresh air. Along these open green areas you are bale to observing City architecture like in Shevchenko Boulevard or enjoying a more urban natural area like in Holosiivskyi National Nature Park. Shevchenko Park is another beautiful green zone located just in the heart of Kyiv where you could find locals playing chess like a Grand Masters or performing on fortepiano just like classical musicians.

6. Looking for something wild and unique – then go to Hidropark again to be surprised with open air Gym where athletes and testosterone junkies do workouts on the self-made equipment in the open air. It is a unique place in Europe for community health, sports and exercise, established nearly two decade ago to become a symbol of healthy spirit and self-development for townsfolk.

7. Andryivsky descent is known as the classical open air art gallery street for pedestrians only. It is a not to be missed Classical Kyiv walking tour where local artist showcase a sell only high quality original art works. In most cases you get to talk to the actual artist. Here you could have many wonderful photo opportunities, souvenirs, dining experience as well as visit different art-galleries, museums and the famous and most beautiful Andryivska church.

8. Kyiv’s townsfolk adore to sing and dance. For the last couple of years many Karaoke bars were opened in different parts of the City. Don’t hesitate to join in on the singing party in one of these places and maybe your performance would be appreciated with free glass of beer or other prizes.

9. Family time is the best to spend in Kyiv’s Zoo! Located in very close proximity to the City center, it is a beautiful green park with different animals and birds that will delight couples and families alike.

10. And last but not least is a fresh high tech experience which any visitor should try, just dive into amazing world of Atmasfera 360. It offers virtual Space travel projected onto a Spherical screen, it’s like been an Avatar controlling a flyover drone over Kyiv city . You get to watch amazing real-time panoramic views with a VR Glass set. VR Kyiv is a successful startup project, we strongly suggest trying it!

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