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The top 5 restaurants in Kyiv. VR Tour.

The top 5 restaurants in Kyiv. VR Tour.

As 2016th is going to say bye-bye soon leaving us with some good and bad memories we have decided to make summary of the year to help our guests with further decisions where to go and what to do in Kyiv in 2017.

The are so many restaurants in Kyiv and dinning places that make any selection almost impossible. But VR Kyiv has its vision and wants to share it virtually with our lovely visitors. Take this short VR Tour of Kyiv’s restaurants and make your preference.

So here we are with our top 5 restaurants in Kyiv. Our evaluation is more dedicated to facilitate tourists and travelers choice and includes 5 evaluation categories: unique concept (UC), quality (FQ), service (S), location (S), prices (P):

5. Kanapa. It is not rare to find a traditional Ukrainian restaurant in Kyiv. But Kanapa has managed to be special. First of all it is located in a legendary part of the town – Andriyivskyy Descent, in the wooden building of the nineteenth century. As the location requires the restaurant – salon concept is supported by Ukrainian avant-garde performances. That makes visit quite interesting and memorable. The food quality and polite service even more convince us to put this restaurant into our top 5 restaurants of Kyiv.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: **** L: ***** P: ***** 4,6

  1. The Terrace lounge. Located inside Indigo ambitious project this place united the best trends in gastronomy by developing special concept of mixing lounge music with its own cuisine. Gastrosound nights are unique events that regularly gather the people who love to make lazy body waves while listening lounge music and eat The Terrace original dishes made by high-pro chefs.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: ***** L: **** P: ***** 4,6

3. Kuvshyn. If you still didn’t test Caucasian cuisine, then Kuvshyn restaurant is the right place to do it. We promise that you will remember this experience for long, as the restaurant chefs are magicians in cooking of Georgian and Armenian specialties. The restaurant is proud of its largest Georgian wine collection in Kiev and often hosts wine festivals to let every guest to get insights of the great Georgian wine culture. On our mind in Kuvshyn you could find a perfect combination of price/service and food quality so it is definitely restaurant that deserves to be in top 5 of our choice.

UC: **** FQ: ***** S: ***** L: **** P: ***** 4,6

2. Whisky Corner. Located just in a few steps from Kyiv’s main square Maidan it is one of the truly unique places blended with passion and style. The collection of more than 760 types of whisky is quite impressive achievement for Ukrainian restaurant owned by Ukrainian businessman. But not only selected alcohol is strong part of the restaurant. This place hosts its guests with wide spectrum of dishes made with Scottish and British characters.

Although, the menu prices look quite affordable, we advice to be careful with your visit budgeting as selected whisky melted with excellent food could be converted into impressive cash bill in the end.

UC: ***** FQ: ***** S: **** L: *****P: **** 4,6

1. Guramma. This venue is a successful combination of modern Asian gastronomy, luxury interior and an amazing atmosphere that combines snobbish style and ambitious design. This is the right mix that could satisfy even the most capricious visitors. The cuisine is unique and spectacular with gastronomic specialty called “Nikkei” – that is an amazing mixture of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, which originated among the Japanese immigrants in Peru. The main accent in the cuisine “Nikkei” are various South American sauces, peppers and spices, which are used in the preparation of the classic Japanese and pan-Asian food – raw fish, seafood, rice, seaweed and other delicious things.

With opening of Guramma Kyiv city joined the latest international trends in contemporary restaurant industry.

UC: ***** FQ: *****S: *****L: **** P: ***** 4,8

Please feel free to share with us your opinion and advices about favorite dinning places in Kyiv. You can support mentioned restaurants by visiting the links and make rating or comment in their profiles or leave your comments just below this article.

Marry Christmas and Happy New year! Let’s 2017 will be full of gastoMagic!

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