Valentine’s Day in Kyiv

During the year there are so many memorable days that each has its own explanations and rituals. We just ignore some of these days but some of them we are happy to have in our calendar. Fortunately, the Valentine’s Day is among of well-known Western celebrations that have been adopted by Ukrainian people, particularly young generation.
Most probably, if someone asks any simple description of Valentine’s story it would be hard to hear at least a few sentences about it. Therefore, most of the people will say that it is just celebration of true love and human hope. And it’s true, it’s beautiful, we should love it! (hey Donald☺).

Meanwhile, there are some feasts in Ukrainian culture that has similar meaning but quite different attributes and timing. Like Jarilo, or feast of the Red Mountain. Frankly speaking, it is a bit strange to have this celebration in the middle of the winter. But following modern trends Ukrainians keep decorate shops, cafes, bars and restaurants by red hearts and use this occasion to speculate in sales and marketing.
Using such a great occasion VR Kyiv would like to show you some real Kyiv’s places that perfectly match to this feast and it is just in the center of the city. Let us guide you!
At the beginning let’s VR visit the Love Bridge, located in Parkova alley near to Mariinsky palace and Dynamo stadium.

It is very symbolical place for lovers who often come here to make some specific rituals that should proof their deep feelings. It can be just tender words, or tied stripes, or closed padlock. We know even some secret ritual that demands from lovers to run over the bridge holding their breath from one side of the bridge to another. Then, they can be sure that their love now well protected after this exercise being accomplished. So, now you shouldn’t be surprise if you see someone running over the bridge. They are not going to be Olympic champs but just by this way are trying to confirm their mutual love. And in Valentine’s Day it should happen quite often.

Just beside of the bridge is located a monument “the Love Story” dedicated to Luigi and Mokrinja, two real persons who met in 1943 during Second World War in terrible war-prisoner camp.

Luigi was an Italian imprisoned soldier and Mokrinja was a civilian prisoner taken by force out of her country, Ukraine. They spent together only 2 years before as the ruthless War separated them. And only in 2004 the two hearts re-joined.

Another iconic place in Kyiv, where during Valentine’s Day easy to see lovers, it is monument to Pronia Prokopovna and Svirid Golokhvastov, characters of the cinema version of Mikhail Staritskiy Play “After Two Hares”. It is located just uphill from Andriyvs’ka Church on Desyatynna Street (just the beginning of Andriyvsky Uzviz). With our VR vision you could easy get the direction.

Tourists and Kyiv’s brides particularly love to make pictures in front of this monument. The comic story of “After Two Hares” is far from ideal love story but it’s very Kyiv’s story with a lot of humor and Ukrainian culture. Therefore, some symbolism impregnated even in this monument. Who knows, may be by touching it the lovers should lose their bad habits or bad luck.

That were our Kyiv’s love stories. VR Kyiv wish you a pleasant Valentine’s Day full of love and happiness!

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