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VR Art in Kyiv

The human passion for creation drives people from beginning of the Time until now. While inventing something new we are able to bring an art and beauty to this new world full of technology. Fortunately VR Era gives endless opportunities for modern designers, artists, and painters. And trickiest things here are that to see all these newest art pieces just impossible by usual way. Spectators must dive in-to new Virtual Reality world.
Kyiv’s artists seriously conceder this new format as potential sphere of self-fulfillment.
And although winter froze the streets, there is still chance to see them from more colorful perspective using VR Art, just like VR Kyiv does.

This icy Friday, as a first ever try more than 150 young people where trying to adjust VR technology for art and design in art-space Plivka in Kyiv.
By the words of one of the organizer Sergei Tereshchenko, Executive producer at Chornobyl360, it was a new way of artistic expression.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 15.59.39

While most of users and costumers are expecting some more progress in VR technology, the artists are developing their skills and ideas for producing the art pieces that should fill the VR format without losing of quality and artistic value. In fact here we deal with something unknown. It is a creasy mix of painting art, sculpturing, and 3D design. It is a totally new stuff.
Let’s follow what new will appear after such fruitful meetings and collaborations.

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